City Sampark – Connecting Indians


Features of CitySampark

  • is an online Business & General directory service.
  • offers you online space, where you can upload your business or personal info.
  • At CitySampark directory, every citizen can be listed whether he is an employee, businessman, self-employed, landlord, senior citizen, housewife, working lady or anyone else.
  • At CitySampark an employer can search for an employee or job seeker can find an employer.
  • At CitySampark A person can find labourer/mechanic for construction/repair works.
  • At CitySampark one can display his belonging for sale or a purchaser can contact the seller.
  • Conclusively CitySampark is such a web portal that provides an online platform to the common man or professionals to share their info over Internet.
  • Moreover CitySampark offers web space for religious societies to display their daily, weekly, monthly or annual programs free of cost.
  • CitySampark also serves as a utility web portal by providing the information of MCs of different cities, sarpanches of villages, Govt. officers at tehsil, town or city level, specialist doctors, many types of service providers and much much more.
  • Getting space and registering yourself on CitySampark costs like nothing and offers you to go global.
  • Wow! CitySampark is cheapest than any other media advertisement.

Benefits of CitySampark

  • CitySampark is Simple and easy to use interface.
  • CitySampark offers you a lot of options to advertise. You can choose from simple text to audio/video/flash ads.
  • Ads at CitySampark are cheaper than any other portal or media.
  • Ads at CitySampark are capable enough to replace your own website.
    • A) CitySampark is being much more promoted than your personal website.
    • B) You can’t modify your website yourself but you can easily do it at CitySampark.
    • C) CitySampark marketing executives are promoting on regular basis at different places in your city and also in different cities/states.
    • D) Moreover promoters like you will promote CitySampark every where, every day in all over India as promoters get paid for promoting and watching ads at CitySampark.
  • CitySampark is giving you an opportunity to earn extra income on regular basis.
  • Once you build a group of advertisers at CitySampark, you make a fortune for life time.
  • CitySampark enables you to keep in touch with visitors by getting them subscribed to your ad.

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